Monday, January 3, 2011

My views on the New World Order Conspiracy

I wouldn't go so far as to say the NWO is completely false. I think the Truth on the NWO shadow government scenario IS there, but it's not a Secret Society. It's just a bunch of Greedy, Egocentric, Messed up Apes with more cash money than God.

Take for example what has happened in Mexico. The drug cartels have become so immensely wealthy, that they own the government and the police, for he most part. Mexico is melting into a 3rd world nation at our back door, and we're worried about their refugees stealing out minimum wage jobs?

So scale that up, on a global scale, and swap the Cartel Lords for Multinational CEO's, World and State Bankers and swap the Various National Governments out for the Mexican Government.

It's not a cohesive, sinister plot formed by a secret cabal of super wealthy fiends. It's just a bunch of wealthy, spiritually void, inhumane bastards out to get all they can and piss on anything Noble, Honest or Just. It's taken 40yrs of the War on Drugs to bring about the disruption of normal society we're seeing in Mexico today.... These Multinationals and Big Banks have been at it for over 100 years, and they've make sure their activities are legal....

It has just gotten out of hand.

The only way for us to resolve the problem is to no longer give them our money. We must become Scrooges with our cash where Big Business is concerned. All of the corruption in the world is based on cash. If the good, working people simply restrict our spending we could control the worlds governments with the economic sword of the people.

For example, If the Consumers declared Economic War on BP and simply quit buying their stuff, how long would they remain an active corporation in America? They would have to sell out and move on. And if the people who bought them didn't make the changes we want with their organization, or clean up their mess... Declare War on them too.

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