Monday, January 3, 2011

Conspiracy Theories

This, like most of my posts here, started out as a FB discussion, turned into an editorial, and wound up here ... :)

Conspiracy theories serve a useful purpose, they draw in those suspicious of their "rulers", yet gullible enough to religiously swallow enough fabrications with the truth, to appear as crackpots, and dismissed in the eyes of the greater Public.

They let out enough truth to satiate those intelligent enough to filter out the BS from the probable, because they get to look down on the "idiots" who fall for the BS. They get to despise those whom they view to be the "evil" ones. They get enough of an ego boost and anger "fix" to keep them effectively neutralized.

They provide the Public with people to suspect and mistrust, when they should suspect and mistrust their "rulers".

They divide the People so that the Few can rule. I'm not a conspiracy buff, though I was raised neck deep in them. However, any clear thinking person knows that when you combine individual wealth surpassing that of most nations with a human being who has no compassion for those who are economically disadvantaged, one has a defacto conspiracy of sorts. These mega wealthy will manipulate government in subtle ways, campaign donations, world conferences, hobnobbery, bribes.... murder.

It's not an "Illuminati" or the "Bilderbergers" but just plain human nature combined with unlimited wealth and greed. Make no mistake, it's happening, and denying it won' t make it go away.

The four "Wars" we are involved in now are a clear example.

There were no WMD, yet we still find ourselves embroiled in an occupation and empire building endeavor in Iraq, for the primary goal of securing an oil field. There are side effects both good and bad that will come from it, hundreds of thousands of casualties, civilian, military and insurgents. A democracy may spring up where there once was dictatorship. Afghanistan is turning out to be about natural resources in my opinion. They've "discovered" massive mineral deposits of gold, gemstones and perhaps most important of all, Lithium, in Afghanistan. We went there looking for Osama Bin Laden, an ex? CIA operative during the Jihad against Russian occupation, almost ten years ago. He should have been found by now if America were really looking for him with earnest.

The War on Terrorism, which claims fewer Americans annually than botched domestic police actions is being carried out simply to maintain a high level of domestic stress. Stressed out people vote, spend and behave more predictably than happy, secure feeling people. If the TSA were to attempt what it's doing now in the 50's, virtually every woman in the line would have slapped the agents patting them down, and every man would punch them in the face.

The War on Drugs and the War on Terror are our modern day witch hunts. Every dark age has one. Potheads pose no danger to society, yet they are subject to unconstitutional search and seizure, wrongful imprisonment, and occasionally summary execution when the "bust" goes bad. The War on Drugs is the longest running war in American History, and it's being waged on Americans at their own expense. Even staying away from drugs is no guarantee of protection, bad cops will frame you if they like your car, or want to get into your safe. SWAT teams sometimes kick down the wrong door and shoot little old ladies in their beds, or 7yr old girls watching TV on the couch, and later find no drugs. Bad police work is more dangerous than terrorism. Annual deaths of Americans, averaged since the first cases in the 70's account for less than 20 deaths per year. Bad police work accounts for 350 deaths annually. (appx numbers of course)

All these things make the very rich richer, keep Democrats and Republicans in office, and keep the Public divided and living in fear.

It's not a "conspiracy". It's just the many, peace loving people being ruled by the few, selfish, immoral bastards. Business as usual for "civilized man".

The only way to change it short of a revolution is for the peace loving people to give up Consumerism, and vote with their dollars as well as in the voting booth. We have to stop voting for plastic junk made in China, with our dollars; and we have to stop voting party line tickets, and vote for individuals on individual merits rather than party affiliations. These two things are the great evils of our age, they have caused all our current political and economic troubles.

In my somewhat humble, nearly redneck, hillbilly opinion. I could be wrong on every count.

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