Sunday, August 14, 2011

putting Special Creation behind us

I often wonder about the God and the universe, really I do.

I have come to believe that something will be discovered that explains the origin of the universe. I don't ascribe to the Big Bang Theory, because I think there is another, natural explanation that science is yet to discover. Because the universe doesn't just pop into being... but that's my opinion.

But assuming current models are the best we have to work with, I find myself accepting that the "Big Bang" is the best I've heard from the Science side. The Universe is expanding, and eventually all matter will evaporate into space... and there will be "nothing" again. And presumably, another Bang.

But many people believe that God made everything, in some cases, only 6,000 years ago. My understanding of the Universe and my layman hillbilly's understanding of scientific discoveries tells me this is not so. I was at the river today, and the bluffs have layered, sedimentary rock formations which require millions of years to form. Corals can be seen in the stone that were deposited many millions of years ago.

Once Believers thought the Earth was the Center of the Universe. People were burned alive by the Church over this point of disagreement... but eventually, Science won the day, and now we know we're in a solar system, on the outer spiral arm of a star-formation, orbiting a supermassive black hole, the spiral galaxy we call the Milky Way. We also know that our galaxy has hundreds of millions of other stars in it, and that beyond our galaxy, there are more galaxies in the Universe than there are stars within our own galaxy.  We're so small, and insignificant that we don't even deserve to be noticed by any truly advanced species from another star, let alone be the ultimate creation of a God.

So the religious people of this century are going to have to be brave, and acquiesce that the universe really is Billions of years old. And that there is something to this Evolution stuff, the proof is in every cell of our own bodies.

It is so incredibly difficult for me to imagine that a being who was capable of creating all of the Universe, would then worry about whether or not I'm checking out my neighbor's wife?  Why make all that vast creation, magically in the middle of things?  Just to  leave the illusion of the existence of the passage of over 13 trillion years according to Physics and Astronomy? Why is there a fossil record to further cause us to doubt...

And why would an infinitely wise being, after creating all those other stars, and worlds, more worlds capable of supporting human life than there are grains of sand on a beach, then go over to one planet in particular. Way out in the boondocks, of a mediocre galaxy, in the middle of nowhere in the Known Universe. And then hunker down, to watch a single species of primates. Why would bring into being a host of  very tall fairies with bird wings to help him keep a tally of their wrongdoings, and tell them how to behave. Why the Devil to trick the people into breaking the rules, so they would burn eternally.  Why would He watch them kill one another over books, and imaginary lines on the ground, and skin color. And judge them and torture them eternally for temporary transgressions?

It's as if the rules are set up to make sure to punish as many people as possible. not only did he start the Universe with 13 trillion years on the clock, leaving behind all the physical evidence necessary to not believe in him. But he watched as thousands of different religions sprang up, and some having "moral" teachings that gave them "reasons" to rob, kill, steal, torture and enslave other people who don't believe in their holy book. Only one of the books is True.  The rest of them, if you believe the lies in them, you'll be tortured forever for being so stupid as to believe in the wrong one.

I simply cannot imagine this to be true. If there is a God, all he did was make some stuff and some rules and he spirited away to his next project, or he's watching the whole universe to see what happens, in a scientific, dispassionate way. Like the zoologist watching lions eat a zebra alive.

I find it infinitely more likely though, that there is a natural explanation, that Science has yet to discover, that will someday tell us where all the stuff came from. My personal theory is that it's always been there, in one form or another.  But one thing must happen for us to do this. Everyone needs to accept that the Sun is the center of our solar system, and that life happens all over the Universe, and IF there is a God out there, he's not watching us to judge our behavior or interested in tricking us into believing the wrong interpretation of the wrong book, or origin of the universe or life, so he can torture us for ever and ever, amen.

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