Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drug "Cartel Suspected in deaths of 72 illegal immigrants

I’m sitting here reading the news today, and I come across this gem. I am so disgusted with my country’s Drug War these days. As a youth I took on the views I was expected to about drug users. Whatever happens to them, they deserve, right?

Putting aside the fact that we’re allowing the government to terrorize, murder and economically ruin our own neighbors and family. What about the immigrants families. So may people are dying over our country’s failed drug policy it is turning into a hidden holocaust.

Can you imagine your husband, brother, wife, sister, son or daughter trying to sneak into America to get a job, so they can send money home and end the suffering for your family. Only to find out, that instead, they were thrown, alive, into an abandoned mine?

The next time you see something in the news about the Drug War, or read about one of your neighbors losing their lives over being busted and having their car confiscated, or their home and loss of employment, possibly the Right to Vote. Imagine one of your loved ones, barely alive, bones broken, lying atop dozens of other broken dying and dead people. Knowing what their ultimate fate would be. Imagine for ten minutes the last person down the hole, the softest landing, was your most loved one…. I dare you. It probably took that person DAYS to die. And you think Christ suffered?

How do those people go to sleep at night, thinking about that?Their relatives are dead, over our war on Vices. And now I wonder, how do we go to sleep at night, while our neighbors, and people we do not even know are paying this price.

We look down our noses and condemn ancient cultures for human sacrifice, just as we do drug users. Yet we send our sons and daughters off to war over oil. We allow countless thousands to be sacrificed in the name of the Drug War every year.

Everyone needs to take a critical look at our nation’s drug policy and our own personal views. There must be a better way.

How many people do you know who have fallen prey to this money grabbing machine called the Drug War? Every drunk driving death is a victim of our nation’s failed drug policy. Every tobacco death is another example of failed drug policy and our nation’s knuckling under to corporate money and not serving the interests of it’s people. Every thug who falls in the street, or loses his employment and voting future is another human sacrifice.

Stop human sacrifice over failed government policy!

We need to write our representatives, hand write and postal mail, not email. Pour your heart out, give your honest opinion, tell the stories of the people you know who have fallen, or been sacrificed. Better yet, make an appointment, and go speak to them.

In my youth I thought drug prohibition was the right thing. Now that I have learned about the Prohibition of Alcohol and how it caused our modern gang problem as we know it. Now that I have lived through 30 years of the Drug War I see it was nothing but a political device to cause money to flow to pork projects and more importantly, win elections.

When Marijuana was made illegal in 1937 with the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act. It was over the protest of many clear thinking American who knew the outcome of Prohibition, Al Capones and Mafias. They knew the prohibition of Alcohol caused more harm than Alcohol. The LaGuardia Committee Report on Marihuana in 1944 was commissioned by the Mayor of New York who was against it. It concluded that the prohibition of the drug, was far more detrimental to society than the drug itself.

Nixon’s Drug war started off with a bang, and a special commission to show how justified the Drug War was. But the report showed quite the opposite, it was unjustified. Unfortunately, the war had already begun and the report was covered up.

We cannot stop the illegal drug trade. It has never been stopped, anywhere. Even in countries where the penalty for possession is death, there is a drug problem. There is a drug problem in prisons. If you can’t keep drugs out of prisons, how in the hell can you control it in the public venue?

I AM NOT SAYING MAKE DRUGS LEGAL. But addiction is not a criminal problem, it is a medical problem. Giving drugs the same status as tobacco and alcohol does not mean people can work or drive under the influence. These things are ALREADY illegal.

I know these three things though.

We must decriminalize it, and as soon as possible. The day people can grow their own, and sell and give it to their neighbors and friends is the day there is no longer any reason for people to have crime syndicates to supply the drug habit machine.

(Imagine the boost to the economy! all those billions not going back to the Cartels but instead into buying new stuff, and paying off credit cards)

It must be regulated and kept out of the hands of minors. It is currently easier for our youngsters to get marijuana and hard drugs and illicit pharmaceuticals than it is for them to get beer or cigarettes.

It SHOULD be taxed and regulated to help pay for the social harms it causes. Let’s be honest, there is a dark side to all drugs and addiction, even our beloved ganga.

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